Advanced Security Services

Hardware security


In the world of embedded HW, IoT and various smart devices, HW vulnerability analysis is a mandatory requirement. Can you imagine systems directly influencing life (small IoT device, enormous world-wide IoT network or sub-orbital cargo-ship) being vulnerable to misuse, cyber-attacks etc?

Boxtrap provides expert services focused on identification of hardware flaws in microelectronic devices of various kinds. We can identify unintentional flaws with the potential to cause damage or voluntary measures with a goal to bypass existing security measures and cause serious data leakage.


Picture: Examples of HW vulnerabilities

Our service can be completed with continual threat-detection services in the form of subscription with one goal only - to increase your security posture and protect your business.

Software security and source-code analysis

Security vulnerabilities of various kinds are everyday reality affecting not only customer but the primary vendor of affected software. Imagine the situation when you are in a role of the software vendor and your poorly secured product allowed attackers to steal millions of sensitive customer records from your critical client's database. This event may destroy your brand for good.

Boxtrap can help you to avoid this kind of situations and even acquire new high-demanding clients. We perform static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) security analysis completed with our professional judgment gained from years of experience with software development. Our approach can be easily added as a part of your software development lifecycle ending with more than 30% cost reduction and protection of your good name which is priceless.

Boxtrap follow widely accepted vulnerability assessment frameworks and standards such as OWASP [1] or NIST [2]. 


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