Boxtrap Aerospace Security

Everything starts with a vision, an idea...of space and people traveling among the stars


How to ensure that people always reach their destinations, meet their families and cross new frontiers? How to make sure that critical control and monitoring systems work properly when it is needed the most? NASA and growing number of private space companies share the vision of NEWSPACE - a new type of industries in near space [1].


Picture: Examples of UAV vulnerabilities

Boxtrap has delivered first projects in aerospace industry and aim higher. We have an intention to partner with space and non-space service providers on hardening their assets and protecting their business interests against cyber-threats, malicious competitors, and others.

Scheme: Mission stages and Boxtrap services

As you can see on picture above, Boxtrap services can be included in all stages of commercial space missions. As a result, client can expect a delivery of SW and HW security expertise to achieve the desired level of reliability.  

Security strategy for vendors of non-airborn systems

Boxtrap services helps clients in the aerospace industry to integrates high resistance against cyber-threats of all kinds while staying compliant with various legislation bodies such as:

  • Eurocontrol safety regulatory requirement ESARR 6 – Software in ATM functional systems

  • DO-278/ED-109 – Software standard for non-airborn systems

  • ED-12D/DO-178B – Software Considerations in Airborn Systems and Equipment Certifications

  • ISO/IEC 12207

  • and more


[1] Space-Based Technologies and Commercialized Developments: Economic Implications and Benefits, Stella Tkatchova, RHEA Systems S.A., Belgium, 2011