Boxtrap Security Analytics for cloud and telecommunications

Machine learning and big-data analytics for specific cloud and telco environments


Telco providers manage one of the most complex integration environments merging various legacy and new technologies like GSM, GPRS, HSDPA, SS7 based fixed lines, LTE, VoLTE. To keep pace with subscriber`s demand for multimedia services, it was necessary to integrate all those different technologies to one flat all-IP infrastructure with one signaling protocol in the very core of a network.  The main reason of overall "vulnerability" is an enormous complexity of telco infrastructure transforming every day to satisfy more and more demanding needs of subscribers. 

Picture: OSS/BSS data absorbed and analysed by Boxtrap Alpha

Eventually, SDN (Software-Defined-Networks) [2] and massive virtual environments hosting various types of Telco components brings desired flexibility but unfortunately also extending potential threat landscape.

"Boxtrap announced a strategic partnership with Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague."

Boxtrap Security Analytics for telco environments

Boxtrap Security Analytics tailored for specific TELCO components and big-data storage. Our solution represents powerful statistical based platform tailored for constantly evolving environments that requires advanced security measures protecting LTE against today`s complex cyber-security threats.


Scheme: Boxtrap Security Analytics in all-IP telco architecture

Boxtrap solution contains following components:

  • Boxtrap Security Analytics: Machine learning powered security analytics for statistical analysis, threat detection, and deeper visibility into many aspects of Telco environment. Note: Boxtrap platform is capable of providing access control to company big-data store, prevent unauthorized access and potential data-loss
  • Boxtrap SLB gateway: Intelligent gateway gathering and optimising flow of structured and unstructured data flowing to big-data store
  • Big-data store: Already implemented or newly delivered big-data stored for operational, security and business data

As stated above, Boxtrap is capable of providing powerful big-data security analytics and alert SOC (Security Operation Center) teams on simple and complex threats affecting OSS/BSS environments. Boxtrap Advanced Security services represents next additional value helping to harden customized OSS/BSS components and keep operator's subscribers online and safe.

Boxtrap Security Analytics completed with Advanced Security Services helps to hold companies' security guard high:

  • MME, HSS, PCRF abnormal behaviour

  • Malicious insider

  • APTs and hidden attacks

  • SIP, IAX related attacks and manipulation

  • IMS anomaly detection

  • Detection of various types of fraudulent behavior  


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[2] SDN,