Boxtrap Security Analytics for Internet of Things

Machine learning powered security analytics for complex IOT environments


Internet of things. Widely discussed phenomenon bringing brand new challenges interfering with legislation, privacy, technology and simply almost everything people do in their lives. On the one hand great opportunity to make society smarter, more automated but on the other hand dangerous matter with a possibility to increase an impact of today`s security incidents and cause real damage. Internet of things does not mean only "billions of inter-connected devices" it means, even more, mutual connections, high volumes of machine-generated data (possibly sensitive), complex back-ends and much more. 

Boxtrap Security Analytics for IoT

Typical implementation:

  • Reason to act: Protection of client's PII (Personally Identifiable Information), capability to perform data-masking operations, protection of corporate brand, compliance with industry standards and national legislation
  • 1000 HW sensors and 20 central management points per one deployment
  • IoT management hosted in cloud environment (IBM Softlayer, ASW) 
  • Compliance with ISO and GDPR


The solution contains big-data security analytic platform Boxtrap Security Analytics for IoT and Boxtrap Advanced Security Services.

Scheme: Boxtrap Security Analytics for IoT

Benefits for the client are as follows:

  • Capability monitor IoT deployment, detect relevant threats and provide fast and accurate information for threat response team
  • Compliance with various legislation, industry standards and client`s company information security strategy
  • Maintenance of privacy via Boxtrap Data-Masking services
  • Hardened IoT HW and SW thanks to periodical vulnerability assessment services integrated into HW and SW development process